We are Rare Peeps

Rare Peeps is a full service live event merchandise company founded in 2015 by two veterans of the music industry who decided to take on the challenge of offering a sale and operation focused solution to concert music. Live events and music festival merchandise operations are often filled with shady business, questionable vendors, poor communication and accounting oversights. Rare Peeps is here to clean up your operations and give your live event the creative edge and branding it needs to stand out in the rapidly growing world of music festivals where the experience your customer takes home means everything.

Gross merchandise sales in 2023.
On call vending staff for flexibility and easy scaling.
Live events advanced and executed to date.

Our Services

We offer a broad range of services, from on-site to production / manufacturing.

Inventory Management

Believe it or not, managing inventory can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a merchandise operation at a music festival. You often won't have the same built in infrastructure or resources that many brick and mortar stores have such as warehousing space, fancy display racks or other important equipment that streamlines the process to keep your sales figures on track. Festivals can also be faced with inclement weather, dust, sun, or other...

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Rare Peeps excels in using historical data, site knowledge, geographic sales trends, and other live event metrics to properly determine what kind of staffing structure and size is most appropriate for your live event or music festival retail activation. We have an extensive network of friendly vending staff nationwide and an experienced group of event managers to ensure your merchandise is sold, inventory is accurate, and everything runs smoothly. All labor costs and insurance are...

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Rare Peeps are total live event pros. Their professionalism and experience is second to none in the business… and we see a lot of both sides of the business!

Derek Ball, CEO & Co-Founder, atVenu Inc.

Rare Peeps sets the standard for festival merchandise sales and logistics. They take initiative in creating the best consumer experience and making the backend process easy and streamlined. Adrien has gone above and beyond for us, and we plan on doing this for a long time together.

Andy Serrao, VP A&R, Fearless Records

It’s hard to find people or organizations who have the breadth of knowledge and experience it takes to truly run a successful merchandising operation. Rare Peeps is the only company we use.  Period.

Leo Nitzberg, Co-Founder, BWG Inc.

Rare Peeps continuously set and then raise the bar when it comes to live event merchandise sales and logistics management. From memes to merch - this is the team you need to hire in order to trend upwards.

Joe Lemble, Director of Tour, The Cardboard Box Project Inc.

Those guys are nerds, but they're able to get the job done!

Corey Emond, CEO / Founder, Superior Defense

"This team will keep your inventory tight and get you paid on time."

Jon Burrow, Co-Founder / CEO, House Party Distro

Rare Peeps are what we need more of in festival and tour merchandising. I absolutely appreciate their hiring of experienced vendors. They're always coming up with new ways to innovate and make things easier and more streamlined.

Jason Valhuerdi,  Touring Merchandise Manager, Live Nation Entertainment

Rare Peeps stands unrivaled as the true maestro of live event merchandise sales. With an unparalleled ability to capture the pulse of the crowd and cater to their client's need, they transform each concert into a merch extravaganza.

Bryan Warner, Sr. Tour Merchandise Manager, Warner Music Group

Event Schedule

Are you a merchandise manager or vendor looking to work one of our festivals or events? Check out the calendar below and apply to work with us! Briefly tell us about yourself and how you heard about our company.

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