Over the last decade, an idea became an experiment, an experiment a revision, suddenly a series, a ritual, and then something greater than the sum of its parts. Connecting many people through time, space and spirit. The curious, the convinced, and the reluctant became witnesses. Witnesses became visitors. Visitors left as passengers and returned with more. The “where” or the “what” becomes secondary to discovery, however many times you may need discovery to happen.

Since 2018, Desert Daze has found a home at Lake Perris, located 1.5 hours SE of Los Angeles. Featuring a beautiful lake, sandy beach, well-maintained campgrounds with permanent restroom and shower facilities, the grounds also feature tree-lined shade areas throughout, nestled inside an unbroken horizon of mountain ranges. The lake and shore are available to everyone for swimming and lounging. Whether coming for the day or staying the night, you’ll be in for an unparalleled concert and festival experience.

Desert Daze is a different kind of art & music festival. Because of the fans, Desert Daze was nominated for Festival of the Year by Pollstar in 2021 & 2018.